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For over 22 years, our founders have been passionate about creating safe personal care and beauty products. We were at the forefront of the clean beauty movement before there was one…

Going Beyond Beauty - Focusing On Health

There’s a lot of hype around the word ‘clean’ right now. Whether it’s clean eating or clean beauty, but what do we at Tomorrow’s Leaf mean by clean? Clean means not using ANY of the 1,500 health harming ingredients on The Beauty Watch List, all banned in the EU. Only eight of these ingredients are banned in the US!



It’s been 80 years since the US last passed a federal law regulating the cosmetics industry and there is finally a meaningful bill on the table now for Congress to consider. We are proud to be official sponsors of The Personal Care Products Safety Act. This bill is a tiny first step to clean up the Personal Care

Products Industry and keep harmful ingredients out of products. We still need your help! Please contact your Senators and ask them to support this bill.



Is clean beauty and safe products important to you? Are you inspired to educate and protect your community and those closest to you? Join our efforts and have a direct effect as a Tomorrow’s Leaf affiliate, advocate or consultant. You’ll be surprised at how rewarding it is!

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